I Can Smell the End….

This week I have managed to complete some more Challenges!

On Thursday I took the man of my dreams to the movies and although the planning was a little less than organised this is my effort for Challenge 52. Going out together ‘for no good reason’ is SUCH a treat.

Bits for Cracker Making

On Friday evening I had a delightful time with my ‘Pop and Swap Evening’ – Challenge 24. Everyone brought items to swap, not just clothes, and I was surprisingly self-controlled. Then we made our own Christmas crackers which was lots of fun and talked, and talked, and talked …possibly some more talking in there too. So now I have 17 handmade personalised Christmas crackers ready for Christmas.


Tonight I had the great privilege of serving food at a Christmas community meal put on by our church. 500 people, amazing food, Christmas spirit and bringing joy to people who are very important but sometimes struggle to make the ends meet. Challenge 21.

And today thanks to a friend’s BBQ lunch I have …. drumroll please….finished cooking EVERY recipe in Sophie Gray’s first book. BBQ’d corn cobs and BBQ’d toasting bread. Oh it feels good to finish Challenge 63.

So I am left with 2 Challenges to complete and a tiny bit of present organisation to finish.

Swap Food

Stay tuned.

98/100 complete


One response

  1. WOW – well done you!

    I’ve just had a peek at your overall challenge list and you have had an amazing year by the looks of it!

    What’s the plan for next year? 😉

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