G is for…

Gratefulness, Grotto, Giving, Gingerbread

Through the Window

So G was some days ago on our advent calendar but today we have had lots of Gs to celebrate.


Grateful for a gorgeous Christmas decoration from Maree – lovely, lovely angel.


Grateful for 2 gorgeous prints from Cloud Nine (my Christmas present to myself)

More Grotto

Grotto – the Santa grotto at Spreydon Baptist Church. $2 per person and SO worth a visit.

Enjoying the Grotto

Master 2 was enchanted. Master 4 yet to see it.


Giving – we want our boys to know the joy of giving. Tonight the boys – husband leading went onto the Gifts that Grow website. Master 4 bought shoes for a little person to wear to school and Master 2 chose ducklings for some little family. What a joy to be able to be able to participate in something like this – we are blessed.

Master 2 and Ma

Gingerbread – the smell of Christmas! We made a very special set of gingerbread men today. Masters 2 and 4 each decorated some together.


We were very proud of ourselves. Hopefully the kindy teachers will like the ones Master 4 made for them.


Big task ahead – the Christmas newsletter. I love these the news the catching up the yearly reflection.

A Little Bit of Christmas

98/100 complete


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