The Things We Do For Love

Last night I made this for my husband.

Back View

A baby hi-vis vest for a baby shower for his work mate – who incidentally hates visi-vests. I made up the pattern and I’m reasonably pleased with it but the fabric was horrid to work with.

Front View

Today I have also officially finished Challenge 97 to grow something from seed. I gave up on my sad effort at coriander and settled for no fail sprouts, thanks sister!


Master 4 had a wonderful time at ‘Santa’s risotto’ (grotto) with Ma (grandma) today.

The Sprout Jar

I also received my final installment in the decoration swap these ADORABLE mittens. Thanks Ange.

Sweet Mittens

The Christmas newsletter is finished, pending approval from he who is not super keen on them. So it starts to feel a lot like Christmas round here.

I finish with this super sweet video I was sent today. It is well worth the watch made by some children from a church in Auckland. The littlest wise man and the star are my favourite. Hopefully it works – my first attempt to upload a video link.


2 responses

  1. Those videos are so cute arent they!

    Love the baby hi vis vest 🙂

  2. That video is great!! Really watchable & well made

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