2010, 100 Challenges….

Well here it is the last day of 2010.

And I can officially mark off Challenge 55 for the whole year I have managed to find ways to incorporate the home-made into every gift I gave. With the exception of leaving the boys a surprise DVD when I went to women’s camp but I probably made them dinner too so I think that is okay!

Starting this blog and completing these challenges has been an amazing experience for me. The sense of accountability and achievement have been so much a part of these 100 challenges.

The things I have enjoyed the most are the ones that have made a difference to others – delivering a cake with Master 4 and hiding while it was discovered, making a quilt to raffle, leaving a random note under someone’s window wiper, buying a coffee for a complete stranger.

I have loved the specific time it has made me spend with special people.

I have developed a new confidence in my cooking ability and my commitment to trying new recipes.

Another unexpected bonus has been the blog-sphere I have become part of. The kind comments of others. People I know who want to follow my blog. People I don’t know joining in. These are things I treasure.

100 challenges has been a gift to me and I sincerely thank you for encouraging me (even by your visits if you have never commented). Thank you for joining me along the journey.

2011 – new year, new focus. I hope you will join me again.

Wherever you are may you find richness in relationship, courage to try new things and the intimate knowledge that the Creator treasures you and you are stamped with creative potential.


100/100 complete

7 responses

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on achieving all your goals for the year and completing all 100 challenges! That is quite an achievement!!! I only stumbled upon your blog in the second half of the year, but have enjoyed following your journey and seeing how you have interpreted each challenge. Feel proud of yourself knowing that you have inspired others and I am sure that the recipients of your homemade goodies have gained great pleasure from them.
    All the best for the coming year. I look forward to seeing what you get up to next.

  2. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and you have inspired me so much. You are wonderful! Love you, Debbie xx

  3. Congratulations to you! It’s been such a pleasure following your blog this year, and getting inspired by all your challenges and achievements. Glad to know that plans for 2011 are in the pipeline and that all us ‘makeitgiveit’ followers will be able to watch, learn and be inspired for another year to come. Arohanui, Nom xx

  4. Congratulations! Wow, that went quickly! Well done.

  5. Grandma & Grandad | Reply

    Well done! We have so much enjoyed being part of your blog circle of friends this year and reading about all the challenges you have completed. The family news is always so interesting and we send you all our best wishes for 2011.

  6. Cathy and Wayne | Reply

    We have so much enjoyed being part of you blog circle this year and following the challenges you have completed. We enjoy all the family news and photos and seeing all the sewing and craft activities. Many blessings for 2011.

  7. I just want to say congratulations and how very inspired I have been this year with your dedication and love for your family. I thank you for that insight and the desire to try new things that I have found from reading your blog. All my love and hugs for a very special 2011 – I will be with you wherever it may take you… Annette

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