2011 Challenges

These are the things I want to achieve in 2011

Weekly –

Make my week: to make something handmade I haven’t made before every week

Family and Faith Thursday: to do something intentional and special as a family every week and to explore ways to grow in our faith as a family.


Cake Overload: Decorate a cake in a beautiful or crazy way and knock on a door with my boys, hide and watch it being found.

Food Love: Make a meal for another family.

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK): do something lovely or thoughtful for someone I don’t know

Book Of the Month: Read and reviw a book every month

General Goals

Green and Brown: More brown flour, sugar, pasta, rice. More green products and less chemicals – lots more homemade cleaners…

Second Hand and Fair: Buy second-hand, from local artisans, fair trade, make it myself. I am going to try to make these my FIRST options when I shop.

Spend Less, Invest More: live within my means, spend money thoughtfully in order that I can model the kind of lifestyle I want my children to follow and in order that I have resources to be generous with.

Personal growth: Investing in this 1 body I have by trying to feed it better and exercise it more. Invest in this one spirit I have by connecting it to the source– the Creator intentionally every day. Invest in this one soul I have by feeding it with good relationships, generous love, good thoughts, images, words…Invest in this one brain I have by reading more, learning and trying new things that require thought and figuring out.


6 responses

  1. I love this list! So generous in spirit.

  2. Very inspiring Miriam, I had the same thought with second hand shops/ops shops, you’ve just motivated me to write my aims for 2011 down. Looking forward to following your blog again this year 🙂

  3. Sounds fantastic! love all of them.
    Looking forward to seeing your creations

  4. Wow, I love love love all your challenges!

    And I wish I could see the look son people’s faces when they open their doors to find one of your cakes waiting for them! How wonderful.

  5. Teisha Nicholson | Reply

    Hey Miriam, you have an awesome website!! You are very inspiration and I feel very privileged to be your friend and glean all these wonderful ideas. Very very gifted woman!! Teish xxx

  6. This is so inspirational – what a neat find!

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