Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!

A new page a fresh start …. so where do I go after last year’s 100 challenges?

Even though I am on holiday I wanted to start my first blog for the year on January 1. I love new beginnings the sense of anticipation and newness…it’s the finishing I struggle a little with.

This year I want to continue to set myself challenges but in a different way. I am going to continue to blog my journey because I’ve had such pleasure from it.

The Challenges for 2011 look a bit like this (I’ll make a page of them too):

  1. Make My WeekDee does this and I like it. Every week I want to have made something – sewn, written, cooked…
  2. Cake overloadOnce a month I want to decorate a cake in a crazy or wonderful way and do a ‘drive by’ delivery. Ie – deliver it by surprise and hopefully watch it be found. This is one for the boys to be included in.
  3. Food Loving – for a good reason or no reason at all every month I want to make a meal for another family.
  4. Living in Green and Brown – this year I want to get more into limiting the chemicals in the house so once a month my friend and I will make cleaning/washing… stuff for our houses. As for the living brown I am going to try to reduce – white (sugar, flour,pasta…) and increase brown and also to try to have fewer numbers, preservatives.. you get the idea.
  5. Family and Faith Thursday – once a week I want to do something SPECIAL with my boys a planned picnic, crafting whatever it is I want it to be intentional. So Thursday is going to be about our family journey and our journey to making our faith more integrated into family life.
  6. Random Acts of Kindness – I want to try each month to so something sweet for a stranger.
  7. Op Shopping – because I love it and because I like the idea of slowing down the consumerist cycle we get stuck in sometimes. If there is a second-hand choice I’d like to take it.
  8. Supporting Homemade – I want to try, when I can afford it, to also buy from local artisans making things and also to choose to support places like TradeAid.
  9. Brain Development – I want to read more, and try new things, learn new skills…

As well as these challenges I am going to continue trying to stretch my creativity, be more generous in all things, shine my light, encourage others and be a participant in LIFE and not just an observer.


Thanks for coming along I hope you are inspired to be the you no one else can be.


2 responses

  1. The new challenges sound great! Go TradeAid 😀

  2. Count me in for the op-shopping! 🙂

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