New Year, Old Tricks!

Let’s just start by saying Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams and realities who turned 33 today. Yes he is wonderful and yes he is my toy-boy (by 1 month and 2 days!).

We got home to stinkingly hot Christchurch today and Master 2 had a little fun during his daytime ‘nap’.

When I went in to get him ‘tiny bear’ was sleeping in a new bed made during nap time.

Shhh Tiny Bear is Sleeping

A re-purposed tissue box. Shame it was still full of tissues at the beginning of the process.

The Aftermath

Kind of reminds me of the sewing pattern debacle last year…. Old tricks from Master 2, slow learning from Mama 33. All from this angelic face!



8 responses

  1. hehehehehehe been there πŸ™‚

    love that he made the little bed out of it though, at least it wasn’t all in vain πŸ˜‰
    Happy New year M
    and yes today has been a super scorcher!!!

  2. haha – so cute!

    And yay for being 33 (snap)!

  3. Oh dear! Good to see he is ‘thinking outside the box’ though! πŸ˜€

  4. Adorable!! I love it!! x x x

  5. Hi there Miriam,

    I’m thrilled that you are going to join in with my Project 2011 meme, and look forward to getting to know you as the year goes on.

    LOVE the pic of the tissue carnage hehe!

  6. I was meaning to congratulate you on all your creating you did throughout the year! I see you are going to do it for 2011…wishing you all the best

    ps I have a 33 year old toy boy too! (by around 8 months..hehe)

  7. Georgous boy. Very cute even though it is a waste of tissues.Am missing them both!

  8. oh that cracks me up – sound slike he is from the same planet as My Mr 3 – who last week decided to make chicken feathers during his “quiet time” – out of a half-full box of tissues, in his bed…

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