Last year I finished every post with a number/100 as I progressed through my 100 challenges.

Made With Love

This year in some ways I have set myself a bigger task but I have no /100 to measure my progress.

So I am going to try to join in with Cate and others each week to celebrate success and generally be accountable for my goals. Each week I’ll focus on some aspect of what I am trying to be, achieve and attempt in 2011.

This week I have made 2 loaves of bread substituting in a cup of wholemeal flour and using raw sugar instead of white.

Delicious Bread Made By Hand

And I have bought myself some treasures from tradeaid.

Feeling the Trade-Aid Love

Special thanks to the man who gave me vouchers for Christmas.

Gorgeous Dipping Bowls

I feel like these are positive steps along my journey for the year in particular supporting handcrafted and living more green and brown.

If you want an idea of all I’m aiming for this year check out the 2011 tab at the top.

LOVE, Love, love this colour


7 responses

  1. That colour is my fave!
    And I LOVE traid aid. I can spend hours in there just exploring EVERYTHING

    Bread looks great. I have never made my own. would love to start. Did you do it by hand or with a bread maker?

  2. Yay – we have begun our adventure!

    The bread looks great, and I’ve substituted honey for sugar which has worked as well in the past. Love the gorgeous trade-aid finds too.

  3. The bread looks wonderful. How did it taste?
    I’m looking forward to following you for the year with the big Project 2011.

  4. Debbie Buckland | Reply

    I love trade aid stuff too.
    I like buying my Christmas decorations there and my Tea.
    Great looking bread too.

  5. Thanks for the visits! I always think home-made bread tastes amazing compared the cheap stuff I buy at the supermarket. Widge I used a REALLY simple recipe it’s made from scratch no breadmaker involved and about 5 ingredients – nothing flash. The recipe is from Wendyl Nissen’s book A Home Companion – a year of living like my nana. More about the book soon.

  6. The Bread just made me hungry, drats, it looks so yummy!

    Beautiful beads and love the color in the basket trays. We don’t have a trade aid store where I live.
    I’m following you now, I’m joining in on the Project 2011.

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