Thursday Faith and Family #1

Our first official family night.


Very exciting. Seriously pleased, we have been meaning to do this for a while.

Bought a scrapbook in anticipation!

We thought we’d start with the Parable of the Lost Coin. (Where Jesus tells a series of stories to remind us how very precious each one of us personally is to God).

Bought a collection of chocolate coins.

Those Are Chocolate Mum!

Master 4 (I decided my men need nicknames so he decided I should call him Flip) also requested we do some earthquake and fire drills as part of our family night. Grandad is a search and rescue type so I’m putting that down to genetics!

 Told the story. Talked about how much we are loved and never given up on. Played hide and seek and celebrated each time we found someone.


Had a time for gratefulness:

Mama – Thank you God for my 3 lovely boys.

Husband (henceforth The Atlas) – Thank you God for this beautiful country to live in and explore.

Flip – Thank you God for giving me my body.

 Master 2 (Bounce) – thank you God for this (we think it is fingers)

Got out the coins.

Counted the coins.

They're Made of Chocolate

Lost no.10. Searched everywhere. Found it.

Celebrated its return.

Ate chocolate coins.


Walked round the block and did some wrestling – it’s a balanced approach to concentrate and move at our place.

Pile Up

Some photos from tonight and other recent ones that made me smile. Bless them with their new headlamps.

Up There

Family night #1 done. Only got to come up with another 51 for the year….ideas gratefully received!


3 responses

  1. Oh that is so cool! What a great night you planned. Looking forward to hearing about more of your family nights and getting lots of good ideas to try myself!

  2. hey thinks for visiting my blog, love the family night idea 🙂 choc coins are awesome!!!

  3. Go the pile up! 😀 How about an art evening? Everyone creates a drawing/painting.

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