Book Of The Month – January

As part of my plan to look after ‘this one brain’ I have I am aiming to read and review a book every month.

January’s book is ‘A Home Companion – A Year of Living Like My Nana’ by NZ author Wendyl Nissen.

Book Cover

Since I decided to read and review this it has been popping up all over other blogs I read. Which goes to show I am totally on the button!! (I really am so uncool!)

I bought this book after attending an evening with Wendyl Nissen last year. It is part biography of a year and part recipe book for all sorts of ‘alternative’ products.

This book is going to be instrumental in helping me to live more green this year. With its help I am planning to make my own washing powder, soap, moisturizer, bread, cleaning products…. Once a month a friend and I are going to get together and make all these for the month to come so we are not left racing to the supermarket because we ran out of time.

I like Wendyl’s writing style. She is very conversational in her tone. You can imagine catching up with her over a coffee and listening to the same tales.

I appreciate the fact that she has tried every one of her recipes and has in fact being living like a nana for some time but she is still attractive, cares about her appearance (at least in public) and doesn’t write her message like a condemnation to those who aren’t there yet with their own lifestyles.

I’ll let you know how the recipes go. If nothing else I enjoyed reading this book and I am going to enjoy a monthly ‘hippy’ session with my lovely friend Kyleigh. We plan to share the love and have a band of happy hippies on board by the end of the year. I guess that might come down to how well, or otherwise, my crystal deodorant stick works out for me!

If you’d like to try some natural recipes of your own she has heaps free on her website. The bread I made the other day was from this book too.

3 responses

  1. What a cool idea!! sounds heaps of fun. Look forward to reading what you guys create!

  2. Awesome book! Love it! So looking forward to our once a month ‘yippee’ day together!

  3. Thanks for your lovely message! It sure is a great book. I will be interested to hear how your face cream goes as mine just wouldn’t thicken up. I must be doing something wrong at the mixing stage. Mine still looked like oil! Enjoy your friendly cleaning.

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