Moments to Treasure


Hmmm Pert

A new week

Oh She's So Little

I’m all for new starts but I think part of our journey of really experiencing the richness of life is in not just savouring the moment while we are in it but also in revisiting it with fondness.

Tidying and Teeth Cleaning

These are some images I am revisiting with delight today.

All the Angels

Today may you find images, smells, tastes, sounds, feelings that you wish to chew over again and that will bring deeper richness to your day.

Baby Friend

(If it’s feeling a little deep for you just now you can look forward to a shallow fabric post tomorrow!)

2 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing your precious children pics! I love the toothbrush while cleaning up one! lol

  2. Beautiful photos and precious little people!! xoxo

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