Hello House

It’s been a while (nearly 3 months) in coming but today we say hello to our new home.

The Entrance

In the midst of farewelling our loved mother/mother in law/Grandma we are moving, grieving, exhausted, excited, overwhelmed.

Life isn’t simple all the time.

Grandma was so excited about our new place.

This week I will be away from my blog doing the things that matter most in the world – giving love, feeling emotions, talking with my heavenly papa and being close to people who make my world special.

There will be a scheduled post or 2 but other than that I will be absent from the computer, present with people.

Here is to farewells, memories and new journeys. Hello new house – give us a bit of time we’re not usually quite this mixed up.

Behind the Door

Home – that blissful word. Home in a space with the 3 I love most.

Big love to ‘Ma n Pop’ who graciously housed us and loved us through the transit. We do appreciate you. x

7 responses

  1. It looks so lovely Miri! Still thinking of you all loads. xxxxx

  2. Looks beautiful inside/outside the door. Congrats on a new home.

  3. Thinking of you Miriam xo
    The house looks lovely

  4. congratulations on your new home, it looks beautiful!!!

  5. We love you all and love to house you. Thoughts are with you and your extended family on the other side. Keep safe. xxx

  6. All the best with the move, look forward to catching you on the other side

  7. Wow, I agree with Hope the entrance way is beautiful. The lead lights are so gorgeous. I hope you’re feeling more settled in now.

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