Doctors and Nurses

We are enclosed in the walls of our great new place.

Flip has a 5-year-old birthday party tomorrow and last night I realised I had said I would make the present and I hadn’t started!

Nothing like a deadline to get you motivated.

Modelled by Flip a Dr/Nurse outfit for his little friend.

The Dr Will See You

She ADORES playing with her doctor kit so her mum suggested this might be a good idea.

Included with it are 2 bandages (the rest of the fabric) with pins and a syringe (without a needle – obviously!).

The Gift

I think it’s okay. I remember having many happy times in something similar my mum made me.

Doctors and nurses – a recurring favourite.

With the loss we recently faced we have also received. Meals, cards, flowers, text messages, phone calls, prayers. It makes you humbly aware of the amazing people in our lives.

Thanks for your messages of kindness and support too. They are very precious to me.

Here is to the acts of kindness that make the world a rich place to be.


2 responses

  1. Love the model with the nerf gun! haha
    glad you are being looked after and loved on during this time xo

  2. A wonderful gift that will be lots of fun for the birthday girl!
    You deserve all the love you are getting.

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