Brother Loving

One of our greatest joys at the moment is the brother loving that goes on in our household.

The Atlas took this awesome shot on New Years Eve. I love it.


There is also rather a lot of ‘brother shoving’ from time to time. Which we really don’t love so much.

The other day Flip(4) said to us ‘When I grow up I don’t want to be (live) with a girl I want to live with my brother.’


There is also, a somewhat tiring, desire to copy/do/have whatever the other is doing/has. So from of the fabric I bought the other day I made them each 2 pairs of summer pj pants.

New PJ Pants

Very cute even if I do say so. I notice too a lot of people do tutorials on their blogs…not sure if anyone would want one from me but feel free to say. Unless I say which book, pattern, blog..I got it from you can be fairly sure I made it up as I went along. That’s my vibe people.


Another delight in the house is the way Bounce (2) drives Flip crazy by adding ‘me first’ to anything Flip says.


Flip – I’m going on my bike

Bounce – I’m on my bike first

Me First

Or the classic from the other day

Flip – I feel sick

Bounce – I’m sick first


Brother loving – it’s enough to warm the cockels of your heart and to set you reaching for the valium all at the same time!

Me Too!


5 responses

  1. Ooh they are so adorable! Such a cute age [sigh] after being surrounded by teenagers all week, it’s just so nice to see there are sweet innocent children still about in the world. do I sound bitter? sorry… it’s nearly the end of the holidays and I’M OVER IT! I can’t wait to see you soon please!

  2. What a great pair of boys… you can be very proud!

  3. They are too gorgeous x

  4. Oh so cute! I can just see my boys doing that in a few months!!

  5. My 2 are the same, one minute it is all brotherly love then next they want to kill each other and are bugging each other senseless. Adds joy to the day everyday

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