Ode to Deb

This is the kind of person Deb is

She has a home full of children and animals and stray teenagers

She deals with sickness – known and unknown

She feeds, prays and shows love for any number of people

She makes and creates amazing things

Today Deb came to our new place and with her she brought this – FOR ME!


I keep going to have a wee peek at it on my bed.

I really can’t believe something SO beautiful is mine to keep and she made it for me.

My Favourite Colours

There is a lot about Deb I’d like to see in my life. One of those qualities is her ability to demonstrate extravagant love to all sorts of people. I think this kind of love delivered in a very un-pretentious and un-showy way might just be a lot like the kind of love I am invited to show….. Something to think about.

Even the Back is Lovely


10 responses

  1. WOW! It is GORGEOUS!

  2. Ohhh you are so lucky to have a quilt from Deb, I love her quilts, and that is gorgeous!

  3. You deserve it 🙂

  4. Beautiful… I would also be popping into my room just to look at it.

    But then again I keep looking at the lovely bag I received from KMB’s giveaway, which I believe you made! Thank you for making such a beautiful item… I love it!

  5. What an amazing quilt – and what an amazing lady! Wowsers! Love it – so precious.

    p.s. you are very cool too 😉

  6. Yes, it is beautiful. Really stunning. You know the other day you said you might start showing people how to make stuff on your blog. Please can you show me how to make a very simple, ‘very’ simple quilt. You and your friend Deb have inspired me. x

  7. Gorgeous, very lucky, well deserved though… hugs Annette

  8. So beautiful!!! 🙂

  9. WOW. That is amazing. Beautiful.
    Miriam I think that just quietly, you are also a generous soul like your freind Deb.
    Someone who takes the time to send a stranger hand-written verses to encourage them??
    Mmmmmm. Definitely showing the kind of love you’re “meant to” there.
    Yep, miriam. You are a beautiful person.

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