Make My Week #4 Owl

Hello and let me introduce you to a very simple little owl.


He doesn’t have a name yet … still doesn’t – I am thinking!

This owl is part of a very special project I am going to tell you about in a week or so. Just start looking for some scraps around your house because you might be making one too – OK?

Made from an old blanket and scraps I had lying around. Stuffed using an old pillow that had seriously lost its mojo.

For someone very precious I will probably never meet or know.

Stay tuned!

Linking in here with Dee and other crafty types.


3 responses

  1. how adorable 🙂
    If I get a chance today or tonight I’ll put a button up on my sidebar for you to grab. (hope it works!!)

  2. OK Moo-moo here’s something I think you should know but might not I just heard about this woman who last year bought one dress every day (an ugly, cheap second hand one) and then tarted it up and made it spiffing. When I heard of that, I thought I must tell YOU about it, I thought it would be inspiring and very in keeping with your vibe. Sorry this comment doesn’t go with the Owl (which I love btw, as all your stuffed animals), but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Love you.

  3. Very cute owl!


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