At Our House Today

Someone has been out for a practise run on his bike with no trainer wheels!

That same somebody also hung the damp flannel on the toilet roll instead of the towel rail. Makes for rather cold and fragile toilet paper.

The Toilet

Somebody else was very cute while he enjoyed a fluffy on the kitchen floor.


We made some peanut butter together.

Yum, Yum

Very simple and SO much better than the shop stuff which tastes a lot like oil and very little like peanuts.


Thanks to some visitors lately we now have homemade plum jam, raspberry jam, apricot jam and peanut butter. I don’t think we’re likely to master making our own honey or marmite though.

Thanks Mama

I’m making some headway into sewing a dress…hopefully I’ll have show and tell soon.


One response

  1. Oh dear re the flannel on the loo roll – hehe

    Why have I never ever thought of making my own peanut butter!!??!! Wow – now I’m obsessed with trying it out!

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