What Are Little Boys Made Of?

Growing up in an all girl household and with lots of girl cousins I totally bought into the old-fashioned poem.

Bounce and The Atlas

I always thought I would be the mama of girls but having now 2 boys I am very changed in my opinion of boys.

Flip, The Atlas, Bounce

Tonight some special friends had a little boy and I am SO thrilled for them.

Grandad and Flip

Boys are great.

Working Together

Yes they make a lot of noise.

The Boys

Yes last week we went through a whole box of plasters in 2 days on a stubbed toe that kept getting re-stubbed.


Yes they are always covered in bruises,

G'Dad and Bounce

and they are falling off, into, over or onto something constantly.

Taking Time

But they are interested in how things work – like light sockets!


They notice that trucks make a beeping sound when they back.

They go through the underwear department pushing the padded bras and announcing ‘bosom’ in a loud voice.

They experiment and they can handle a bit of rough and tumble (or a lot!).

Boys are very loving too. They like kisses and hugs and raspberries.

Boys also come out with classic lines like ‘You’ll be okay mum’ when you are going off about the marks on the carpet.

They sit with you in the hallway and pray for a friend in labour.

They care about the little boy at kindy with cerebral palsy and want to be his friend.

My boys laugh until they get hiccups nearly every day.

The thing I am learning very clearly from my boys is that they take life head on and experience things without reservation. They invest 110% energy, volume and passion into life.

I hope that doesn’t change for them too much in the years that follow them. Lots of these things about my little boys are very apparent in my big boy too.

Maybe girls are all these things too and I’m the first to admit their clothes are more fun BUT:

Boys are good for me,

Boys are good for the world

and tonight I want to honor those boys in our lives who have so much to offer us and the world.

Go the boys!


Photos were taken in Scorching Bay, Wgtn with Grandad and The Atlas when we were up there to say good-bye to Grandma.


8 responses

  1. I love this post about boys… our little boy tuned 13 months old today and he is starting to express his enthusiasim for all toys that move. So many things we have to look forward to : )

  2. That’s so nice! I grew up in a house of girls too but since having my son (who is just about to start school) I have embraced mud, bugs, cars etc. and I am all the better for it, they really bring a different element to the household. Your boys are lucky to have a mum who appreciates them for who they are in all their noisy, mucky, funny glory!

  3. Yeah boys rock!!

  4. So excited to be a newly signed up member of the “Mums of Boys” club! Am loving every second of it so far and can’t wait to have some adventures with my wee man! You definitely make me excited about what is too come 🙂

  5. I love my boys !
    Actually missing them terribly right now as they have been away on a camp for 4 nights and this mumma hen is ready to go get them!!
    Lovely post M

  6. What a nice post! go boys….

  7. Way to go boys, I have 2 and love them with all the excitment they bring to the house. If we had ever ventured and had a 3rd child I would have wanted a boy again.

  8. go the boys – love the boys – mine are eight and six and just like you describe 🙂 ya the boys best le xox

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