Hugs to Hold – Simple Owl Tutorial

Like to make your own Owl to send? Here’s how!

I hope to have a pattern to email in PDF form very soon if you would like one. (Let’s be honest here though – it is not complicated. I drew mine on a piece of A4 paper and drew around some circles for the eyes and the inside of a CD for the pupils).

This project can be made entirely on the sewing machine, entirely by hand or a combination of both. You will need to choose non-fraying fabric for the feathers either way and entirely non-fraying fabric if you plan to make it by hand.

* Non-fraying fabric examples – felt, polar fleece, a jersey you accidentally shrank in the wash, most stretch fabrics, some synthetic lace fabrics*

You will need:

Body fabric approx 30cm x 20cm

Feather fabrics for 21 feathers a combination or all one approx 30cm x 30cm overall

Stuffing (I used an old pillow)

Felt or similar for eyes 30cm x 10cm, pupils tiny scraps and beak 3cm x 2cm

Embroidery thread for hand sewing.

1. Fold body fabric in half and pin the owl on. Cut around the edges.

Step 1

2. Draw around feathers (approx 21) on the wrong side of the fabric/s. Cut out.

Step 2

3. Draw 2 large circles (I traced through the felt by laying it over the pattern) and cut these out.

Step 3

4. Make 2 pupils and one beak from felt/non-fray.


**Important for your own sanity follow this order! Do the following steps before sewing the body pieces together. **

5. Starting at the bottom of the owl pin the feathers across the row nearest the bottom of the owl. Leave some space at the edges of each row for the seam allowance. Repeat for the next row (centre) and top row. Stitch the feathers on using a back-stitch for hand sewing (google it if you need back-stitch instructions) or a combination of straight/zigzag on your machine.

Pinned On

6. Give the feathers a good tug so you can be confident they’ll stay attached!

Step 5

7. Place the 2 large eye circle onto the owl and pin in place (remember to leave room for the seams). Blanket stitch by hand (google again if required) or zigzag around the edges.

8. Cut tiny triangle shapes out of the pupils and place on the eyes. Blanket Stitch or Zig Zag in place.

Steps 7-9

9. Place beak onto the owl and stitch it on.

10. For hand stitching – place the wrong sides together and blanket stitch almost all the way around – leave a 5-7cm gap. Stuff the owl to a pleasing fullness. Finish stitching and tie off securely.

      For Machine stitching – place the right sides together and pin around the edges leaving a 5-7cm gap. Sew straight stitch around the edges – leaving the gap open. Turn the owl right sides out and stuff to a pleasing fullness. Hand stitch the gap closed and tie off.

Stitching Together

11. Give your owl a big hug to carry to a little person that needs  a hug. Send to ‘Hugs to Hold’ by 15th March. For address and further details click on the ‘hugs to hold’ button on the right.

Ready to Fly

If you are in need of a pattern email me makeitgiveit(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll try to flick you one. It won’t be instantly though as I need to convert it and organise it! There are also lots of other wonderful tutorials on the web for soft toys for charity.


2 responses

  1. I don’t know why but my little boy got very excited when he saw this, he loves animals and he loves to hug. He will definitely love it when I’m done with the owl project. Thanks makeitgiveit!

  2. […] make a soft toy, any type (tutorial here if you want one) and post it to the address […]

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