Home Within a Home

We got given some very cute cardboard houses that were going begging the other day.

Hello You Neighbour

Flip and Bounce have been enchanted and I have been thrilled we got 2 (the houses that won’t stand up to 2 people fighting over them).


Bounce got stuck in the window I was laughing very hard but his distress levels didn’t give me time for a photo.


Flip and The Atlas took a ‘serious camping trip’ with some friends which was very exciting – even a bonfire and marshmallow toasting.


I’ve hit ‘the wall’ or ‘unpacking transition’ – I feel like burning the rest of the boxes. It is vital The Atlas doesn’t realise this or he will be building a bonfire before I get a second chance. Still I am filling my trademe account with clothing and fabric so I am trying!

Male Bonding

There is something else that is VERY exciting happening in our house at the moment and I HOPE I can show you pictures soon.

One response

  1. Yay for giving things away! The camp looks like great fun.

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