Lessons I’m Learning – very slowly! Week 5 Progress

This week has felt like hard work.


There seems to be a lot going on and not enough time to do the things I want to do because the things I have to do keep crowding in.

I have been given a very, very precious gift (which I hope to reveal tomorrow) but it has required some hard work on my part.

This year I want to live greener – produce less waste, re-use things, buy less stuff new and more second-hand or handmade. Part of the challenge of all of this comes down to also owning less.

In the 90s there was a brand called No Fear and one of their slogans was ‘He who dies with the most stuff wins.’ I have seen variations on this theme but this week my challenge has actually felt completely the opposite. I have been really looking at those things I own that I am unlikely to ever use and knowing they will stand as a testament to my own selfishness at the end of my life. (You know a bit like hoarding food in the war when people were starving).

I have been going through my considerable fabric stash and reducing it.

This is challenging for me. I don’t like to get rid of things ‘just in case’. You know ‘just in case I lose weight’, ‘just in case it comes back into fashion’, ‘just in case I need it one day, ‘just in case the person who gave it to me realises I got rid of it’.

This week I have tried to be really ruthless with my fabric stash – yes I still have rather a lot but I think I can say honestly nothing I don’t think I will actually use.

So in living green I am throwing out???? Yes. I am reducing the amount of stuff in my life so someone who will actually use it can have  it. I am learning it is wasteful to own too much too.

So I hope all the people who receive, buy, find the results of ‘my process’ are blessed by them and find creative inspiration.

I still have more than The Atlas (and my mother I’m sure) think is necessary but it’s about 4 carboot loads less than it was if that’s any help to them!

Today I received a lovely present in the mail from a magazine who published a letter I wrote.

You know what I thought Someone understands this is a learning curve for me. Someone has sent me a little kiss from heaven to encourage me along my journey of inner transformation. Someone loves me even though I have a LONG way to go.

*** I’ll never be a minimalist though – sorry mum!****

Catch up with other people’s progress over at Cate’s

Tune in tomorrow for the big REVEAL (I hope, still got some work to do!).


8 responses

  1. Love this post! A big Amen from me. It’s good to realise that not using something is just as wasteful as throwing it out (paying it forward). :-X

  2. You don’t ned to be a minimalist! You are kind, generous, creative and warm. All nicer things to be than the ‘meanness of minimalism’ as someone in NZ House and Garden described it this year. Enjoy the process to settling in to your new house celebrate your treasures.
    I love you just the way you are and am very proud of you too. You are an inspiring friend and daughter.
    Mum xx

  3. oh!!! WARM FUZZIES x x xx x

  4. This is so beautifully written Miriam – and your mother’s words are so sweet!

    I hear exactly what you are saying. I’m not for minimalism either (especially when it is worn with a pious attitude!) – however my hubby and I also do need to break the “maybe we’ll need it one day” hoarding habit!

    Looking forward to your “big reveal” 🙂

  5. Good for you. I’m sure there are others who will be thrilled with your donations. That must have been hard to figure out what to keep and what goes.

    Presents in the mail are fun! Good for you.

    Sounds like you had a good week. Looking forward to the big reveal!

  6. Oh, I am excited for you that you are making progress on your goals and that you have something wonderful to share with everyone! It sounds so mysterious and wonderful. And presents in the mail are the best!

    I went through that phase of paring my life down last summer/fall and it felt so good. While I still have a lot to do in my life, I have discovered that it’s a process and I’m okay with that. Keep doing what you are doing! Your mum’s words blessed my heart as I’m sure they did yours.

  7. Congratulations! It’s a difficult thing to really look around yourself and notice how much you have, especially what we don’t use or need. It can feel very overwhelming and it takes courage to face that and do something about it. Good on you!

    Oh, and I read the surprise post first…so yay! Paint me green with envy. I absolutely love your sewing space. How awesome for you. I’m still hauling my gear around to whatever space with accommodate my crafty whims.

  8. I am so not a minimalist, but I’m not a “pack rat” either. We have moved…a lot…and each time we go through and get rid of (donate) boxes of stuff. Still, it always seems we have too much. Bravo to you for making such amazing changes!!

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