Look What I Got!

For the past 4.5 years every time I have wanted to sew I’ve had to use the kitchen table and for 2.5 years before that the computer table.

Which meant setting up and packing up between 3 family meals.

When we moved The Atlas was very committed that installing me a sewing space was ‘top priority’, seriously he is my perfect man!

This is the space prior we designated.

The Space

And another shot – is it making you feel overwhelmed?

Some of the boxes in the space

So after a consultation with my awesome step-dad about a week later I had this installed.

And I have been working very hard this week to consolidate, reduce, re-organise and sort so now I have this:

My Space

It’s so good I can’t believe it’s mine.


Tonight I SEW!


I still need to put up a little bit of decoration but OHHHHHH now I have a special work space just for me in what was a walk-in wardrobe.

My own space.

My Creative Space

I am so blessed.

So blessed. How do you say thanks for something this cool? I am really so thankful to my step-dad and to The Atlas who both made me a priority in their lives and gave me a ‘wish come true’.

Love you both. x


14 responses

  1. How awesome what every creative woman craves. I love my workspace and my husband helped me set up mine. Now just have to reorganise once a year to keep it looking good. Sometimes it takes someone else to show you what you have – We are so lucky. Maybe something out of the creative space for your hubby and Step- dad as a thank you?! Annette

  2. Wonderful sorting. Clever girl. x

  3. Wow! That looks amazing! You are a very lucky girl…
    Am I allowed to be just a little bit jealous :-)?

  4. So cool! I am happy for you 😀

  5. That is very, very cool! I just set up a table in our bedroom for my machine and I am stoked with that. Your space is a whole other level again! Lucky you.

  6. OMG! That is AWESOME!!! Seriously awesome! Good for you!!

  7. Bliss!! So happy for you 🙂

  8. Congratulations. What a wonderful space to work in!
    I need to get mine sorted again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Such an awesome space!!! “drool”

  10. awesome, you are very lucky, enjoy it

  11. Sooo envious of your organised space! A stressless, clutterless project area… now that’s what I want!!

  12. wow!! that is so beautiful.
    i have a space for my sewing machine….but it still manages to end up on the dining table!!! it’s like the 7th member of our family at meal times! in fact, she even has a name – “Nina”…lol

    happy sewing xO

  13. Oooooh looks great Miriam!

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