In My New Dress

Here I am in my new ‘day dress’.

My Dress

I think this is a good style for me.

Today it has got up to 38 degrees at our place!!!!!! I am melting.

A bit of a catch up on our faith and family nights:

We’ve had 2 since I last posted

1 was the battle of Jericho which involved us building Jericho from every cushion we could find in the house. I was the Jerichoans? (If that is a word) and Flip played Joshua. He led the silent march and gave the command to blow your trumpets and shout ‘hallelujah’ and down came the walls.

2. This Thursday just been we focussed on the fact that God made our amazing bodies and he knows all about us – even how many hairs are on our heads. We sang a body song. Talked about how amazing our bodies are and told each other what we liked best about our bodies (In a very non-Trinny and Susannah way!). Then we gave God some jumps and claps to thank him for our wonderful bodies.

Melting in the Heat

It has been great to make Thursday our family night. I am so glad we’ve made it our commitment for the year, and hopefully beyond. I can imagine an 8 and 6 year old boys’ trumpet blowing and hallelujah-ing could be pretty LOUD!

Wherever you find yourself today I hope you can look at your body and be really thankful for part of it.


Tune in tomorrow for a giveaway and Make My Week.

7 responses

  1. Loving your dress – and your family nights sound amazing!!

  2. CUTE!!
    (you in the dress)

    and love the sound of your family and faith nights. Very inspiring

  3. Love the dress. Crack up that heat pump. I am jealous!

  4. Dress looks good, well done

  5. You look lovely in that dress!

  6. Can’t believe you made that dress, it looks great on you!

  7. You are SO clever!

    (pretty too 🙂 )

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