Make My Week #6 Woollen Cushion Covers and Giveaway!

As part of my organising my fabric stash I am trying to use up more of my current fabric.

I made these cushion covers using old blankets, doilies and a felted jersey.

New Cushions

I’m very pleased with how they look. Flip noticed them straight away this morning and put them in his house to play with  – he’s a good boy!

And because I used all stuff I had in my stash they were free – kind of!

And I want to give one away. This is the cushion cover I want to giveaway. It fits over a $5 cushion inner from Spotlight, pretty standard size. Just giving away the cover makes it easier and cheaper for posting to you! (See generous and yet cheap at the same time!)

For Giving Away

If you would like to win it please leave a comment. You can say anything you like – tell me something about you, say yes please, give me some ideas to make from old blankets or doilies.

You don’t have to do anything or tell anyone else about it this giveaway is purely for fun on my part and to let you know how much I love that you chose to read my blog.

Open to anyone.

I will draw the winner next Monday and announce it on my ‘Make My Week’ post.

Here is the place to find what Dee and others have been up to.


5 responses

  1. Yes please! Although I will pay if forward as we’re moving overseas. But sooo cute. Love them all. I already said the idea with the carousel horse, and the butterflies, but also just love me good applique of a piece of cute fabric. well done!

  2. Love the covers they are stunning!! I just love creative stuff just a shame I am not engineered this way. Altho we are in the process of moving so don’t put me in the draw but just wanted to comment I stumbled across your blog and am really enjoying following it. Abbie

  3. Count me in please!!
    So lovely, have always “thought” about making something like these myself..but ya know, procrastination is such a pain 😉

  4. I’m in too 🙂
    I love the colour, although suspect that along with many other things this would be whisked off to Rascal’s cot… Previous things that she has INSISTED on taking to bed with her include… her (empty) lunchbox (!?!); 2 plastic cars; a pink plastic duck; a blanket that she stole from wee brothers bassinet; a plastic pull-along caterpillar toy… I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of it all at the moment! A cushion would be a good addition to her stash!!!

  5. I’d love to be in too! I suspect little Missy would claim ownership very quickly but it’s my big girl who I think would treasure it – it’s just very her. M – you are amazing, I love your stlye and creativeness somethings I’m very lacking in!!

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