Book of the Month February – My Life In France by Julia Child

Well of course reading this had to be a response to the movie!

The Book

In the effort to look after this mind of mine – or at least keep it working! I am reading a book per month, aside from the swath of craft books and home magazines that usually occupy my reading time.

I really enjoyed this book although there was a lot of French in terms of words especially when describing menus.

The thing that really struck me from this book was how hard Julia Child worked on her cook book testing and re-testing every recipe multiple times. Even before she had the book contract she invested hours and years into the cookbook and learning. She was obsessed with learning and deepening her skill level.

After reading the book I had such a respect for her and have definitely thought about the process of success. Julia Child never set about on her course to develop a name for herself or to become famous. She followed her passion wholeheartedly because it was her passion and for no other goal. I like that. I find that challenging.

The other thing I loved was the partnership between her and Paul. They were such a team and they obviously held one another with total affection. Both of them believed and lived the dreams each other held. I love that.

There was a lot in this book that you didn’t get in the movie but I do still adore the movie. There were lots more details about their friendships and the actual publishing process and even more about food. As my sister said you could have had a whole movie just about Julia Child’s without Julie blog at all.

I’d like to read the book of the blog as well this year. I just need to reserve it at the library.


4 responses

  1. Sounds like good reading.x

  2. I found the blogging part of the movie tedious – but the parts about Julia’s life in France were wonderful! Her relationship with her husband really was lovely.

  3. It’s unfortunate, as the book was solely based on her blog and SO cool, but in the movie she came across as a whiney princess – kind of spoiled that side of it for me. But Meryl Streep was just so untterly lovable as Julia!

    1. And by her I mean Julie… sure that’s obvious.

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