Make My Week #7 Starched Wall Decorations

I saw this idea a while ago and tried it last year when I did the nursery for a friend.

On Saturday I put bunting up above the toilet door. Flip said ‘ Hey it’s a party in here!’

Potty Party

And then I starched a whole lot of little hearts in part of the hallway.

Ready To Starch

After making up the starch I cut out the fabric and blu-tacked it in place to check I liked the layout.

BluTac Layout

Then I starched each piece up.

I love it. It can easily be removed if needed and doesn’t affect the paint-work apparently.


What’s not to love??? Joining in with Dee and others.

Bunting Detail


5 responses

  1. Bunting is very cute and so are the hearts. Did you notice Pop and I ate 2 chocolate hearts on Friday night when we babysat? Glad 2 guests didn’t come so you weren’t short of chocolate! Felt very sheepish when I read the “If I speak with tongues…” blog. Sorry- there were delicious!

  2. so pretty!
    (hope the bloke around the place didn’t protest too much??!)

    I like your idea of a couple’s dinner, very cool

  3. this looks fantastic!! I’m soooooo trying this. I’ve always wanted to hang bunting but can’t sew to save my life. Brilliant! and i was admiring your hearts yesterday.

  4. It looks great. What is starching?

  5. How cool! So you just apply the starch straight to the wall?

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