Music, Mayhem and Munching

All In Together

Every Monday I run a music group at our church.

Little Bears

We sing


We dance

All Together

We perform


and then we EAT! (which may be Bounce’s favourite part of the morning)

Row Your Boat

Most weeks we have ‘Grandma Joyce’ make us yummy things but yesterday Baker’s Delight hooked us up with some yummy munching.


We had lots of savoury buns…

So Good

Then we had 2 loaves of Hi-Lo bread which we spread with Marmite and sprinkles, not together!


It was very pleasant.

Thank You

I love the joy of fresh bread – warm and in this case cheesy too.

At the Kai Table

We all felt very treated. The buns are really soft in terms of their texture so they were easy for the small ones (and the big ones!) to eat.


Just to top it off they also sent a box of sacks and some place ribbons.


So we got some of the mummies in the sack (in an entirely appropriate manner!) and had some fun with that.


Typically we were beaten by our offspring!


Thanks to the beautiful mamas and their lovely littlies for putting their taste buds and sack racing skills on the line in the name of experimentation! and to Baker’s Delight for giving us some of their awesome bakery delights too.


Feeling the love.

This is my Music Uniform!


3 responses

  1. I love your music uniform! It was great to met you today, isn’t a small world!

  2. Sack races with ACTUAL sacks…awesome!

    Looks like a lot of fun 😉

  3. Awesome, well done Bakers Delight for supporting a wonderful time

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