Part of the privilege of our lives is also part of its biggest challenge.


Had I been born into poverty or abuse or slavery (and yes it is still VERY existent in the world) my choices would be limited or none at all.

But as it stands my life is full of opportunity, experiences and choices. At the moment my current choices have meant that finding time to sit and be and even take 20 minutes to blog are difficult. And this has challenged me to find the privilege in the over-commitment, to learn the lessons about balance and values that I am presented with when life feels out of control.

We had a wonderful faith and family night. On Thursday I thought about my progress and the ‘friends’ I am tracking it with but I didn’t blog about either because I have not had a moment.

I will blog about them – because I want to not because I have to. A blog, my blog is that for me, not an obligation but a measure for me to journey and to share the journey.

I have a giveaway winner to draw and announce (a week late!).

So this week I might not be here much. But I will be working, creating, laughing (I hope!) and journeying just the same.

I hope when life feels overwhelming for you and there were too many yes’s and not enough no’s that you still manage to find peace and you still feel the amazing privilege of being able to become over-committed and stressed out. In that regard – we have choices and choices are evidence of a life of power.


3 responses

  1. Sing out for some help. There are people about this week.

  2. A great way to think about it… Thank you!

  3. Quite agree, blog because you want to not because you feel obliged. We’ll still be here when you are not so busy. Look after yourself and enjoy your commitments.

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