Make My Week #8 A Dress To Wear

This is a little picture of the dress I will be wearing to my sister’s wedding on Saturday.

Dress Detail

There is a bit of a retro/vintage feel to the whole day and I think this will work perfectly.

It is the same style as my gingham one and I am going to wear BRIGHT pink heels and a pink ribbon around it.

Also apologies for not drawing the giveaway winner last week – come on down – tartan kiwi!

Yay! Thanks to all of you who entered. I’m planning to have some fun doing giveaways this year.

Thought for the day: when you hear your 2-year-old calling out while they are ‘sleeping’ it pays to listen. ‘Look a poo!’ is something you don’t want to ignore.

Joining with Dee (on the making not the poo bit!)


10 responses

  1. Yay for sneak previews, you are going to look gorgeous!
    I can’t wait… Annette

  2. LOve that fabric and style!! must post pics of you in it!!

  3. That dress looks amazing, I LOVE the fabric!

    Oooh, I won! How exciting! The cushion will be very well loved in this house, Rascal will no doubt claim it as her own and add it to the list of things that she can’t possibly go to bed without!

    And I hope Mr 2 wasn’t too creative and didn’t produce a “painting” for you!

  4. Beautiful dress. Looking forward to seeing more photos of you all dressed for the occasion!

  5. Now that’s a lovely dress – those box pleats look fantastic in that fabric, and bright pink shoes etc are going to look fab!! Have a lovely day!

  6. stunning!!! Well done!!! Looking forward to more photos!!!

  7. Of course I love the shape of the dress! The material is awesome, without offending, it looks like the wallpaper we just found on our chimney stack over the weekend. So very retro.

  8. I LOVE this dress, beautiful fabric. You are going to look great. I hope the lit’l ‘uns are coping today with today’s dramas. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. Just checking up on you Miriam. Hope you are all ok xo

  10. Love it! well done 🙂

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