Here we are

Tuesday was a very sad day for us.
The atlas ran all the way home from his work building in the city.
He found us under the table with quilts and a sick bucket (flip went into shock and started throwing up).
Dark days for the city and especially the shining lights we have lost.
We are going ahead with my sister’s wedding.
On Sunday I am taking my babies for a holiday to Wellington.
Our house has a lot less crockery but we are ok and we now have power and water. We have no Internet but the atlas has let me access to his iPhone.
Thanks to all of you who have sent us love .
If we can take something from this it is to treasure the things that matter. To communicate our love and affection for each other and not to be too attached to out stuff.
Sending everyone of you love, peace and light. X


11 responses

  1. All my love at such a horrible time. My uncle too had to run home from his work in the city to get to his family. In my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  2. So relieved to see you ok! – I’ve never met you (Sarah leonards sister!) but when you didnt write on your blog for a few days I was starting to wonder. XO

  3. Just let me know if I can do anything for you.
    Hope you get some relaxation in Wellington and may you and your family block everything out and enjoy a joyfull wedding.
    Sending our love xxx

  4. So glad to hear from you M!!
    I have been worried, and you are one of the few blog friends not one facebook. I hope and pray you all manage to have a lovely day for your sisters wedding amongst this tragedy.

    If you need anything once you get home from Wellington please don’t hesitate to contact me. we have power, water etc and our aftershocks are much less violent, so even if you want to come out with your boys for a day, sit and have a cuppa.

  5. So glad you are ok and well! Enjoy your break in Wellington!!

  6. I prayed that you would be safe and you are

  7. So glad you are all safe! Have been thinking of you and wondering and just remembered to check here.


  8. If you need a babysitter, or an outing with complete strangers, txt me and Sweeney on 021 1887432 when you’re in Wellington. Hurrah that you’re safe!!

  9. Sending all of YOU love, peace and light, and prayers! So glad you and your family are safe.

  10. Hugs and safe wishes to you all

  11. So much love to you! My gosh, what you have been through! I think we are all so impacted up here by what you Cantabrians are facing. We talk on and on about what we can do- we feel so helpless!

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