Make My Week #9 Hugs and Kisses Quilt

In the midst of tragedy and despair my beautiful sister got married and this is what I made them.


Marriage Quilt



If you squint your eyes you might see the big X (kiss) in the middle in reds and whites.

Around the edges I machine quilted Os (hugs)

Because I believe a marriage that lasts is built on hugs and kisses. Love is more than passion, love is holding hands and holding one another with great affection.

N and A may all good joy come from this unusual beginning.


The Lovely Couple


Loving you. xxx

Hopefully joining in with Dee. Hopefully managing to make something this week.

Working on ‘Grandad’s’ computer so my apologies for un-cropped photos. I hope to do a wedding post soon.


6 responses

  1. Just wanting to point out that the blue patchwork pillowcase was also made by makeitgiveit for my birthday. We LOVE the quilt so much – thanks! xx

  2. oh you are awesome and what a beautiful quilt! Have an wonderful break in Wellington, i hope you are all begining to recover x x x Nom, you look divine and sooo happy!! Your husbee looks like he’s lovely too!

  3. You clever thing! They look like a beautiful couple. I hope the day went well and that you can have some peace in Wellies. Lots of love xxx

  4. Congrats to your sis she looks beautiful and he looks like a very nice man. Pls tell me how to make a simple quilt, you are so clever
    Have a lovely holiday

  5. Debbie – I haven’t forgotten your request I am planning to do a really simple one with a tutorial just for you! xx

  6. quilts are out of my league…good on you! 🙂

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