It’s The Little Things

Here we are in Wellington with showers and toilets and feeling so blessed we aren’t planning a funeral for someone we love.

It is the little things that catch me by surprise and give me hope.

Temporary Toilet

It is the little things that catch me by surprise and make me realise that the trauma is very true in my heart.

Today I sent my ‘Hug to Hold’ to Queensland – it is so nice to be able to do something good for someone else. I think being able to contribute, give, do something practical is psychologically very good for us all at the moment.

We went to story time at the Karori library and they had a sign up to say at 12.51 they would be observing 2 minutes silence and no issues or enquiries would take place during that time – it made me want to cry with the kindness this shows and the trauma I feel.

We went to a local playcentre yesterday and it was sweet but it made me feel sad for Flip who needs the stimulation of older children and who is desperate to make some friends.

Playing At Grandads

We are so blessed to have Grandad to stay with but I am aching for our home and our city.

The boys are doing so well. Last night Bounce went to sleep by himself for the firs time since Tuesday. They are being kind to each other and Flip especially is saying the sweetest things. I got them a fluffy today and he said, ‘Thanks mummy you are very kind to get these for us.’

My Flip

I miss The Atlas but I am also really proud of him for staying and using this time to work hard to distribute clothes, food, items to the East side of the city from our church base in New Brighton.

I am haunted and overwhelmed by a couple of the stories that have involved people I love or know. I am making plans about the things I can do that are tangible for those families.

We have come through this so unscathed but I feel the deep trauma in my heart, weighing on my faith, slowing me right down, wobbling me round the verge of tears.

Hope, Love, Kindness flit in and out around us all.

I am reminded of one of my favourite passages in the Bible that reminds us we are a body – each with a part to play, wounded together, celebrating together, all of us needed, all of us honoured and precious: ‘when one part suffers we all suffer‘.

And also this: But the fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness and Self-Control against such things there is no law. Wherever we are in the world these are the qualities that bring meaning and life to us and those around us.

Wedding Cake

Whatever circumstance you find your heart and life in may you experience these things, especially the gentleness, kindness and goodness of others. May you know love and peace beyond yourself. If you have lost a loved one or a home my thoughts are with you especially. x

Interspersed with some recent pre and post quake photos including some from the wedding.

Ted the Bear

6 responses

  1. Glad you are away from the wobbles- we are having a few big ones. Look after yourselves and treat yourself kindly. Enjoy a little space from the city and know looking after the boys is a very important job and even more so as they too have suffered shock.

    You are a wonderful mummy and I am very proud of you. I love the way you are always giving to others. Remember there is also a time to receive. xxx

  2. Thank you so much for calling my mod bento box quilt “gorgeous.” Seems so trivial at this time. I’ve been reading your blog and thanking God for my many blessings – thinking of all the people in Queensland and all over the world where there’s natural disasters and, then Cairo, etc.! I hope your world gets back to normalcy soon!

  3. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    Oh, i wish i could give you a big hug!! You are amazing my lovely friend and a fabulous Mummy, reading your mums comments above i see you’ve learnt from the best!! much love x x x x

  4. Oh Miriam, you are so very lovely & you are doing so well in such difficult circumstances. Your boys are very lucky. (All 3 of them) And haven’t you got such a lovely mum!! Thinking of you so much – please let me know if I can do anything, anything at all. Loads of love xxxxxxx

  5. So sorry for everthing you’re going through and wishing you strength and courage to pull through this heart wrenchingly and emotionally fraught time. My heart really goes out to all the children especially. I have a teacher friend comic to stay tomorrow to have a little rest from the aftershocks. She’s been flat out helping with cleanups all week. I live in Welly and have 3 girls (7, 5 & 1) and you are very welcome to get in touch and bring your boys round to play (we live near Lyall Bay). Hugs Sarah

  6. I’m so glad you are safe and well (although still shaking mentally!!) don’t hurry home, stay as long as you can!! Big hugs to you deb xxxx

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