Things I’m Loving

Every week Paisley Jade and others take time to be grateful.

I think gratefulness is incredibly important in our lives – it allows us to be ‘glass half full’ types.

There are times when mourning and even deep sorrow don’t allow us the space to find things to be grateful for and that is ok.

For me here in Wellington away from home I have so much to be grateful for.

So this week I am loving:

A kindy and a playcentre that allowed us to grate-crash

All the amazing efforts people are going to, to raise funds for Chch and this AWESOME auction of loveliness. Makes me so proud of people.

The Wellington Indian Festival/Bazaar who donated their profits to Christchurch.


At the Bazaar



Coming out of it and discovering that a mum and some children were piggy-backing on the foot traffic to run a lemonade and cake stall for Christchurch. When I said we were from there they tried to give Flip and Bounce theirs for free but we thought there were others that needed the money more.

Going to Aunty A’s church this morning and 3 of their children leading the prayers – all of them praying for children in Christchurch in their own special words.


With Aunty A



Grandad getting up to my boys in the morning and letting me have a sleep in  – I can tell where The Atlas gets it from.

Story time at Karori library and their craft book selection.

Some friends of Aunty A’s lending us all sorts of things including bikes to use while we are here.

The Marsden School fair – where I picked up all this awesome stuff!

(The Atlas will be rolling his eyes at this point considering how stuffed my bags were on the way here – all with dirty washing I may add!)

But – fill a bag for $2, plus some awesome shoes and beads $9, some games for my boys $3 and 50c for 2 recipe books that take me back Mary Pat Fergus anyone??

Most of all I am loving my boys – The Atlas who misses me as much as I miss him, Flip my morning snuggler and Bounce who is SO having his 2-year-old testosterone surge but will still be transfixed with a good selection of cars.

Oh and Moore Wilson’s food market kind of reminds me of the Borough Market in London – oh I loved that place!

Pop over and fill up on the things people are loving this week here.

10 responses

  1. I had that Junior Cook Book!!! I loved it! Glad you are finding some loveliness in Wellington. xxxxx

  2. I have a blue Junior cook book and love it! So glad you joined in… only a few days to go and then you could link this one up with the new list! Thanks so much for joining in. xoxo

  3. Its a very humbling time to be a Cantabrian isn’t it. This country and its people never cease to impress me with the warmth and love that they display to others. I am proud to call New Zealand my home.
    Glad to hear that you and the boys are doing well in Wellington. Those boots look great!

  4. Thanks for popping by my blog.

    I love all your thrifting. I love all your makes too, especially that dress for your sister’s wedding. I’d love to be able to make something like that!

    Our thoughts over here are with all of you affected in Christchurch just now ♥

  5. I miss my boys and girl too. xx

  6. Loving the Mary Pat Fergus – always wanted to make that braided bread but it was Level 3!!! Bought an $8 100% silk top at St Vincent in Sydney – love that Op Shop retail high!!!

    1. And Moore Wilsons – bury me there when I die – heaven on earth! Reminds me of Fresh and Wild in Clapham Junction – divine!

      1. PS apologies for the overuse of explanation marks – I blame earthquake trauma.

  7. Linked through from Paisley Jade. Lovely to meet you! Seeing that Junior Cookbook brings back SOOOO many memories..I used to have one, I wonder if my mum still has it?!

    And you visited my favourite park – isn’t Karori Park great – wide open space especially great for bike riding little boys (mine are 4 and 1 too!).

    Hope that Welly is being a kind host to you and your little family…

  8. We used to have those junior cookbooks too! Clearly a Kiwi classic. 🙂

    So glad you got some respite up here, too. 😀

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