Make My Week #11 – Boy Bed Cushion

Now please don’t think I’m being sexist here – this is a ‘boy bed cushion’ because it is for my boy.

And yes I realise it isn’t actually finished but I figure with my current refuge status you will afford me a little grace and understand that I have completed the bit that requires the most work and I will sew the back on and put a cushion inside at a later date. I was inspired by a similar pattern from a Cath Kidston book but it was a library book so I had return it.

I am in a bit of a cushion making phase at the moment. I want 2 each for the boys for when we make them a new room to share.

I also have some plans to make some for some special people affected by the EQ and another for a gift so ‘make My Week’ could get a bit same-y for the forseeable future – especially while I am confined to hand sewing only.

Joining in with Dee.


2 responses

  1. handsewing?? you’re a real trooper 🙂
    gorgeous work as usual
    Dee x

  2. Very cute! Looking forward to seeing you and the boys soon. Love you, Nom xx

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