Reasons to Love a 4 Year Old

Right today I am trying to get the day right to join in with all sorts of cool people and the things they are loving. One day I might even manage to get the little button activated!

This week I am so loving and grateful for Flip. Obviously I adore both my boys but today it’s for Flip.

As a side note this is not supposed to be one of those my child is so much more wonderful than anyone else’s type of post (if it goes that way The Atlas will pull me up because he doesn’t like that vibe). This is a ‘this is MY son and he gives me joy’ kind of post!

This week Flip who sleeps or has a rest each day – and my am I SO grateful for that – woke up one afternoon with ‘Mum there’s a ladybird on my pillow’ and there was.

He was so excited and we took it carefully out to the garden. I love that he is totally enamoured with ladybugs and butterflies and chrysalis at the moment.

The next day after a rest he came out and told me he could count to 100 now and he did all the way from 1 to 100. My little number cruncher.

And yesterday when I was tired I told him I was having a rest too. So when he finished his rest at 2pm and saw I was asleep he played quietly in the lounge until I got up at 2.30. He is like that as a personality – thoughtful and considerate and I think that is really beautiful.

So along with loving Oriental Parade in Wellington and little boys who have the energy of a stadium of 20,000 screaming fans, this week I am LOVING my 4-year-old.

Because he is my boy and I am proud of who is growing into.

What are you loving this week? Check out the general appreciation vibe here.


10 responses

  1. Aww he sounds so sweet. Lovely post x

  2. So cute! I love ladybirds too!

  3. Hi there,

    thanks so much for your lovely comment. Always happy to make new bloggy friends!!

  4. Such a beautiful post and I’m so happy to hear you’re having a wonderful time in Wellington with your gorgeous boys. I love the way children appreciate and ‘notice’ nature, whereas adults are often in such a rush to do the chores etc. and weighted down with the responsibilities of ‘life’ they forget to really ‘see’ what ‘life’ is all about in it’s beautiful, natural, rich way 🙂

    Lovely pics too 🙂

    My oldest daughter used to play like that when I was tired after the birth of my second child. She sensed I needed the rest and would then give her lots of loving attention and play-time afterwards. She was also an early counter and happy to play independently for ages. So blessed to have such caring souls in our lives hey x

  5. Nawww… he sounds so sweet! Such a lovely post.

  6. What a sweeting! Loving your photos – thanks for joining in!!

  7. What a delightful post, you’ve raised one gorgeous loving gentle boy there, to let you sleep – you’re telling a mother of 4 who has children who never wake me in the morning, they’re so content in their own little worlds. Even as babies they never work before 7a.m., still don’t & the eldest is high school!! What handsome boys you’re raising here, congratulations, they look like great brothers & best mates too. Love Posie

  8. Awh I am so jealous your boy has a rest each day. Love the shots of Oriental Parade.
    (Dont worry I can’t work out the linky stuff as well)

  9. A georgous boy indeed! Enjoy these last few months before he becomes a big school boy and is out for such a long day. Your photos are lovely. x

  10. Four year olds are a delight, aren’t they 🙂

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