The Lessons I’m Learning wk 11

I am finally joining back in with Cate on my progress for the year. As most of my resolutions are currently neglected I thought I focus on some lessons I’m learning.

These are unsettled times and I am trying to learn and change and grow in it all.

Here are some light-hearted and serious things that I have thought about and possibly learnt over the last few weeks.

1. Use your nice stuff – yes it might get smashed or dirty but it also might be completely destroyed tomorrow without being used at all.

2. Small children feel safer when they know what to do. Practicing drills gives them a sense of control and safety – it doesn’t freak them out.

3. It’s always good to have well stocked cupboards.

4. Write down the phone numbers you use.

5. Be kind and inclusive of strangers – they may have just moved to your area, they may have suffered trauma, they might be lonely and don’t judge them by their bad shoes it might be they have lots of cool shoes back where they normally live.

6. Matching crockery is overrated.

7. When you are 2 Sparkling water is also known as ‘spicy water’ and it isn’t nice.

8. Home-baking makes life feel normal.

So that’s my progress for the year. Still boiling water here which is a drag but nothing compared to people who have lost everything and also those in Japan who are so often in my thoughts and prayers.

This is a verse I have been revisiting often this week –

I have loved you with an everlasting love;
   I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. 
will build you up again,
   and you, Virgin Israel, will be rebuilt.
Again you will take up your timbrels
   and go out to dance with the joyful.
Again you will plant vineyards
   on the hills of Samaria;
the farmers will plant them
   and enjoy their fruit. “

As for exercise and good eating  – does thinking about them count???

Sorry about the lack of photos – I figured photos of smashed crockery weren’t that exciting. There are some hot cross bun photos yesterday!

8 responses

  1. Those things sure do sound sensible enough, but do we do them? Not always. My cupboards are always in a bad shape by the end of the week. The car is run down to empty most times. I’m trying to make an emergency kit but it’s not happening very quickly. It’s about getting on with it really just in case. Thanks for the kick up the bum! I hope you have a better week and feel like things are improving a little bit each day. Love to you all down there xxx

  2. You were on my mind this past week Miriam, so I’m really glad to hear from you again.
    Great thoughts – especially the “use the good crockery” one. If nothing else, the events of the past few weeks have demonstrated that “things” don’t matter – people do 🙂

    Hang in with the water boiling chore – hopefully things will be back on track soon.

  3. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    You are fabulous and i admire you buckets full!! x x x

  4. I love your ‘good crockery’ comment – I don’t have ‘good crockery’ because every day is a good day.

  5. Hey – go the Christchurch blogers : ) I also heard a great Earthquake version of an Irish blessing this morning on the radio rather than the road rising to meet you that it would be flat etc…

  6. All good thoughts. I’m of the same mindset, to not squirrel away the good stuff for company. When we got married, I was tempted to do that, only use for company. Then I realized that they were meant to be used and not just gather dust.
    I hope you will be done boiling water soon.

  7. Hi Miriam, I found the link to your blog from Catherine’s ‘Catalina’s Cottage’. Your letter was very thought provoking and I’m glad Catherine shared it on her blog.

    I am an expat now living in Australia (been here 3 decades+), but I lived in Christchurch during the 70’s and did my nursing training there. It was always my favourite of the four main centres and have very fond memories of the time I spent there. I was heartbroken to see all the devastation, and still feel unnerved at the site of the CBD the way it is now. These streets I knew well, I lived and worked at the old Chch Women’s hosp for the last year I was there.

    It sounds awful, but I have checked all the names on the casuality list in case there was one I know, thankfully I didn’t see any familiar names.

    There really are no words to say, but the thoughts and prayers of the few fellow kiwis I know and work with are with you guys. A couple of people I work with still have family there, everyone is ok, albiet some without a roof over their heads.

    This evenings’ news showed the crowd at the memorial gathering in Chch today, what a crowd! and very sad, Miriam, I wish you, your family and fellow kiwis well, and hope the recovery process is not a protracted one.

    Kindest Regards,

  8. Excellent thoughts to keep in mind and heart. Hope your lives get back to normal as quickly as possible. Thanks for sharing the verse too, lovely. 😀

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