Things I’m Loving

This week I am loving my kitchen – source of bread, cakes and everything where I can find it. Although sadly not my pastry brush, cake tester or dipping swirl which have mysteriously disappeared!

The amazing Christchurch Memorial Service – a beautiful event.

I am loving my boys enjoying their God-sister – sweet, sweet, sweet.

Snuggling in 'carefully'

The efforts of all sorts of bloggers to make special things for Chch families. There really are SO many click on some of the links and be inspired!

Watching The Atlas watch Seinfeld. SO entertaining.

The smell of fresh bread.


New books!

Being back in my sewing room.

My boys sharing a room and going to sleep! – eventually.

Old Room

In the ‘new’ room The Atlas and a lot of his great friends made happen after removing about 4 tonnes of rubble and bricks.

New Room

What are you grateful for this week? Linking in with Paisley Jade and others.


8 responses

  1. Yum there is nothing like fresh bread!!!

    If there were only 3 things in my kitchen I couldn’t find… (& I don’t even have an earthquake to blame!)
    Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. It seems like yesterday my boys were the ages of yours — but then I turned around & now they’re big!

  3. I just love your list! Loving what everyone is doing to support Christchurch… and your yummies from your kitchen… and that ‘Sew it Stuff it’ book looks awesome!!

  4. Love the books! And the kids (so cute!) and the yummies from your kitchen.
    Cool list!

  5. Awww, love the pics of the kiddies – makes me all gooey. Not *clucky* though!! It’s so sweet seeing the little ones interact 😀

  6. I love your list of things you love. Fresh bread – yummo! And those treasures of yours. Aren’t you blessed? xx

  7. Hiya, thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment on the blog. Getting back into the sewing room… ooh I’ve been meaning to do that all week. Love your new books too! Great to meet you!

  8. I want some of those cookies!! they look so yum! , and handmade home is such a great book! =)

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