Note to Self

Do not try to make Lemon Curd before kindy when you only have 45mins before you need to leave the house.

When the recipe says 10-15 minutes to thicken – they lie! Think 35-40minutes!

Lemon Curd

Be pleased it is kindy not school, kindy teachers don’t mind that you were making Lemon Curd – school teachers probably would.

Lemon Curd Krummeltorte made, thanks to N for the reminder about this cool recipe.


Chocolate cake made.

House still messy, tea still to make.

Friends coming tonight. Yay!


3 responses

  1. ohlala do you share recipes? I’d love the Lemon Curd Krummeltorte one if you do.
    I have a HEAP of courgette lemon curd . . . do you have that recipe?

    ps: had 35 boxes of herbal tea donated on Friday and 10 knitted dishcloths donated yesterday.

  2. Mine took 12 minutes exactly. It only thickens slightly but thickens more so when it cools. I made mine today too! Yum yum.

  3. Mmmmm Krummeltorte. Its so tasty

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