Things That Make Me Go Mmmmmm

This week has sort of disappeared again!

I have some projects on the go which I am having fun with.

This week I have enjoyed

Making Paisley Jade’s Courgette and Chocolate Croc-Pot cake. It looks good. I made it to give away so I’m not sure about the taste.

Making the cake using these treasures found in the garden. Care of the previous owners gardening skills I don’t have any.

Watching ‘Ma’ reading to the boys.

Loving that my boys love books. So much pleasure, so many happy memories for me being passed on to a new generation.

Friday ‘dinner dates’. Every Friday a friend comes over and we make a double dinner together for both our families. Socialising and working – I’m all over it! Pad Thai tonight. Eaten before I got to photograph it.

And this – my brand-new 1950s inspired lady bike. Thanks to The Atlas.

My requirements of a bike go like this

1. Good looks

2. Can I bike in a dress?

3. Does it have a basket and a bell?

4. Can I put Bounce on the back?

5. That’s it really I’m not planning on going cross-country or up hill (although Christchurch is a bit like a BMX track at present!)

I think this will work perfectly don’t you?

I’ll try post a pic of me on it in the weekend so you can truly appreciate my awesome style!

Click here for more gratefulness.


6 responses

  1. Ooh! Love your bike, especially the basket at the front! I need to get my bike out again one of these days, but I must admit that having cycled for 10 years in Holland where cyclists rule the road, I am a bit cautious of kiwi drivers…

  2. So loving that you made the cake!!! Do hope it tasted great. Your mum looks super young for a grandma (you’ll have to tell her that). Loving your bike too – very stylish. Have an awesome weekend. xoxo

  3. Love that bike! Awesome list 🙂

  4. Katie F in Wellies | Reply

    Love the photos of the new room and all the yummy baking. Heard Flip has been for a school visit – very exciting!
    I’m at Granddads and just made a ‘tarte tartin’ which turned out (bit of a pun) very well.

    Up with baking!

  5. Yay for cycles! I also loved reading when I was young. If I was left alone with a book I was happy! A nice joy for the boys to have.

  6. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    ooooooo you lucky girl!! LOVE love LOVE the bike!! x x

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