Make My Week #13 Personalised Pencil Cases

The thing with having a nearly 5-yr old is the thinking of birthday gifts.

So my solution is to check with a parent and hopefully make one of these. The other night I made 3 in fact.

It usually means I can make something completely from my stash – which I am trying to make a dent in.

Then I buy something like coloured pencils and a sharpener so the gift doesn’t break the bank either.

I am a little worried about the phenomenon of very expensive birthday gifts that some people seem to buy for children’s parties. Call me tight (actually that’s sadly accurate!) but I  don’t want to be spending $20-30 on a child’s party gift. I also feel very uncomfortable about thinking people will spend a lot of money if they are invited to a birthday party for the boys. When I have a celebration I want people to be there because they love my boys or us and want to celebrate with us not because I expect a flashy present (Not that I have a problem with receiving presents!).

Note Flip’s writing on the envelope – so cute!

Making gifts is perfect for me because a handmade gift has a different value system (well that’s what I hope). I’m hoping everyone doesn’t think I’m as cheap as I probably am!

I’m always looking for good party gift ideas. So do you have any? In fact I think that could be a whole post in itself. Coming soon to my blog, near you!

Making in and joining in with Dee. Click on the doily – right – to see what else I’ve been making this year.


3 responses

  1. I try to make birthday gifts too, however, I’m finding 5+ boys birthday presents harder to think of – especially the nephews at 9 & 10 . . . and yes I believe hand made gifts do have a different value system but do the children appreciate them for the work gone into them or would they prefer chinese land fill from the $ shops?

  2. My favourite present for boys that age is a pencil roll actually. I just find the children enjoy seeing them all lined up nice! also a book bag + book with a wee handle to hang on end of bed for bedtime story. An apron + a cookie cutter and a recipe is good, and also pillowcases (which are super super easy) seem popular too.

  3. wow you are so super clever!
    I have a friend who gives gorgeous homemade dolls clothes as gifts for parties. She has often checked with me in the past to size a certain doll so it fits.
    other than that I am a sucker for buying gifts in clearance sales, usually some atrociously over priced toy in the first place that looks like I have spent heaps on but only costs a few dollars. poor landfill 😦

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