Super Easy Quilt Top Tutorial for Debbie

This is for you Debbie. I hope this gets you started.

This is something I’ve just started to work my way through some favourite fabrics.

It’s a good one for someone who wants to start but is too scared.

My amazing friend Debbie in London asked me for a simple quilt tutorial and whilst I am neither an expert at quilting or tutorials I wanted to say yes.

This is a quilt in progress. It works like this.

First cut out a square of some fabric you love. Mine is 6″ (that’s shorthand for inches – I hope)

The First Few Strips

Then cut a selection of 3″ strips.

Sew a strip to the edge of the square.

Turn the square around and sew a strip onto the edge of the square and the end of the strip.

Continue until you have a ‘frame’ around the square. Now use the next fabric.

I am going to keep going with this until I have a huge square to cover a double bed. You could stop at any point.

My Progress So Far

I have used 1cm seam allowances – I know I am mixing my metrics and imperials that’s one reason I’m not a good example! Real quilters use a smaller seam allowance but I find it doesn’t leave any margin for error or fabrics that aren’t lined up perfectly.

As the quilt starts to get larger your fabric strips might not be long enough to reach the whole length of an edge. Just sew them together and keep going. Cut your fabric across the longest way to help with this. Also with cotton it is more accurate to make a small snip and then rip – it makes it straighter.

When I have this part done I’ll give you a couple of options for the backing/quilting bit. Do let me know if you are inspired or make something yourself.


2 responses

  1. Very cool Miriam! I had my first attempt at making a quilt last year. It was frustrating but satisfying at the same time & I’d like to have another go when we are through this renovation headache 🙂

  2. Wow! Thanks for showing me Miriam, you are a star and you make it look easy. I hope to be brave enough to have a go in the Easter holidays. Thanks I love your blog x

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