Progress Week 13

Life is slowly becoming more ‘normal’ and I am looking again at my goals for the year.

This month I’ve managed my random act of kindness – I sent a soft toy for a child in Queensland and I delivered some special crafting books to a special friend who needed some love.

I didn’t do the anonymous cake delivery but I did do a super-duper baking collection for someone who needed some cherishing.

Meal made and delivered – Pork and Peanut Laksa.

Book read- The Amazing 5 year old.

I have April’s random act of kindness giveaway up on my blog – posted yesterday. Go on enter – make me feel popular!

I’ve been keeping up with making something every week but the family nights have taken a dive. We did get back into them last week and tonight I have some ‘proper’ plans for one.

I’m pretty pleased with my cooking efforts of late. Last week I made a couple of new dinner recipes and this week I’ve made 3 new recipes in one week – which is pretty good for me.

Spinach and Ricotta Calzone

On another totally unrelated topic our computer has been demonstrating what we refer to as ‘the blue screen of doom’. Then later when you re-start it you get that screen of computer typing and an invitation later on to send an error report. The thing is I see my computer largely the way I see my car – purely functional. I don’t care HOW either of them work, I have no desire to UNDERSTAND how they work and I’m not reading the manual or sending an error report. This is another reason for having the wonderful and long-suffering Atlas in my life. I rant – he solves. This is the balance.

Exercise has also been caught up somewhere in the ‘red zone’ in the city. No, my gym isn’t in there but my excercise motivation snuck past the cordon at some point and they won’t let it back out – shame about that.

The Atlas has been in the real ‘red zone’ today for his job.

He said it is pretty sobering.

I think the images prove that. The ones on here are just 2 that stuck out to me because of the mannequins in them. I will probably post some more in the weekend.

How are your goals going for the year? Pop over to Cate – check out some of her incredible photography and see what others are up to.


3 responses

  1. I’m so with you on the not caring or WANTING to know how those 2 things work!! I do exactly the same thing 🙂
    haha about the exercise :)!!
    and yes those mannequins are kinda disturbing…sigh

    and those calzones look AMAZING

  2. Everything is coming together really nicely for our gift packs for your Music Group – we have had some VERY generous donations.
    I was hoping to be able to deliver myself but Air NZ grab a seat just isn’t co-operating with my budget.

  3. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    wow those images are wow… sobering alright. Much love to you all x x x

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