To Addington Coffee Co-Op

Best place to meet for coffee

Your staff  – willing to take random table shots

Your decor

The country flags you use for table orders

The Salvation Army shop conveniently located across the road for a spot of pre-drink browsing er, purchasing.

The fair trade chocolate you sell – when I have forsaken all else for Lent

The well stocked toy box

The purified water on tap (this deserves bold, italics and hallelujah!)

The amazing bloggers who I have blog stalked and now met for real in person. Or as The Atlas and I like to refer to it – Internet Dating for married people. Click on each word in the first bit to visit their very cool blogs.

Addington Coffee Co-op there have been many things I have loved this week but you have been almost lovely enough to deserve your own post…

However – Then there is my Bounce.

This week I noticed when Bounce wants to engage with me about something he says these 3 adorable, heart-melting words ‘Mum, talk about’. How can I resist? Tonight he also told me ‘I hurt myshelf’ love that 2-year-old chat!

‘Mum I want you’ and ‘Mum I need you’ are also things he says at night when he is feeling a bit ‘wobbly’. Bless his little heart.

He built me this awesome to be treasured and taken from room to room wherever I am (and he WILL check!) Lego Tower.

And he reminded me why I am happy to be mama rather than papa

 – oh yes I am!

For more of what is making people happy head over here (oh and check out her post from yesterday about man pills – you WILL laugh!).


8 responses

  1. He is gorgeous x

  2. What a wee sweetie Bounce is and I have to say how awesome the kids were yesterday!! They all did really well.
    So loving the co-op and meeting you guys was COOL!!
    till next time
    internet daters 🙂

  3. Go bloggers! Ride that train Bounce! 😀

  4. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    I love reading you’re posts, you are lovely!! x x x

  5. Oh I just love the “I hurt myshelf” bit – so adorable! Love that you all got together – so hope we can do a NZ bloggers meet up oneday!!!

  6. LOL ! love the train riding! Thats what daddys are for!

  7. … and i love bounce’s “fluffy face”! He was a star yesterday, you should be proud!

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