Make My Week #14 Investigation Pouches

Okay so just checking have you entered the giveaway on my blog yet????

This weeks offering is not an original idea. I have seen these in various forms.

I spent a lovely evening with a friend making a whole lot of these and this is our interpretation.

We are going to add little charts to help with what can be found inside.

When my boys played with them Flip was totally excited by matching up his finds with the chart. Bounce didn’t give a rip about the chart he was spun out by the ladybird inside and just wanted to find it over and over again.

In hindsight I would recommend less filling as they are easier to manipulate when they are less full.

For those who don’t like using rice/food filling I also found some random foam stuff at Creative Junk ages ago. It is trickier to move around and because it is darker it’s harder to see the things. You can see it in the middle of the group photo.

What have you been making? What should I make next? Head to my giveaway and give me some ideas!!


2 responses

  1. What a neat idea! Never seen them before but what a lot of fun to be had finding all the treasures inside.

  2. Great fun. Such a cute wee face thinking hard!

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