The Coolest Park Ever

If you have just learned to cycle without your training wheels

If you love road signs, pedestrian crossings, bridges, roundabouts

If you like not sharing the road with real cars

If you like being pushed in a swing

If you like riding your carve board because you are still really just a boy in a good way

If you like spending time watching all your boys feeling happy

Then Westburn Park is the place for you. We will be going again. Whoever thought of this wonderful idea deserves congratulating. It is a gem.


7 responses

  1. I used to live near that park. Good times! 😀

  2. very cool! I’ve never ever seen or heard about it before.

  3. What fun and what a cool idea – wonder who thought of it ?! Such a happy family day out. Love it.

  4. Elizabeth Greening | Reply

    I remember going to this park as child on my bike – I loved it! all these mini pretend roads – great for games!

  5. That is sooo cool! My girls would love to go there and ride their bikes around. Great for teaching them the road rules as well I’d say. Why don’t we have one of those in Auckland? boo hoo.

  6. My 4 year old would absolutely love to go there, but would have a dilema choosing between bike and scooter – even more so after his birthday when he gets a new bike (Shhhh don’t tell him!)

  7. I used to go to that park as a child too. Was so delighted to rediscover it as a parent – my kids love that place. Works well for trikes and scooters as well as bikes.

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