Green Tea Ice Cream

On Saturday night The Atlas and I had the pleasure of an Asian-themed birthday dinner party.

I was given dessert as my course and the host gave me a clearance to just do any dessert. Whilst I am an international food lover the Asian dessert section doesn’t inspire me.

So I made a chocolate and raspberry brownie but I did want a nod to Asia so I decided to buy some Green Tea Ice Cream.

None to be found in the supermarket. What’s a girl to do but make her own??

So I made a green tea syrup and stirred it through a softened (but not melted) tub of Tip Top Vanilla Ice Cream and it tasted very genuine! Next time I would add a little more syrup to strengthen the flavour but I would definitely do it again.

The syrup I made was: (there are several versions on line this is a bit of one of them)

 1/2 c of water with 1/2 c of white sugar.

Bring this to the boil and add 2tsp of green tea (straight from the bag if it is 100% green tea).

Stir well. Remove from heat and let it cool.

Strain I did this through a muslin cloth.

Stir in. All good. (You could also add some green colour if you want it to look more genuine)

It was also a dress up event. I wore my Yukata and The Atlas went as a Korean footballer. Gladly, or perhaps apologies – there is a photo of the shorts he wore – lets just think: too white,too tight, too short…. a winning combination for Heidi Klum no-one!

Bounce and Flip were both very impressed with my make-up. Bless them.

I was inspired to take these ‘self portraits’ by a post of WidgetLucy’s.


8 responses

  1. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    You look GORGEOUS!! The white shorts… cough cough splutter… haha!!! WOW!! So inspiring with your green tea ice-cream… gee wish i was in your social circles!! You are awesome & so much fun!! x x x thanks for sharing the pics, they are great x x x

  2. Oh fun! I miss dress up parties – haven’t had one for years! You both look so great – esp. the shorts?!?!

  3. Very cute self portraits!

  4. Great photos. Green tea ice cream, yummy!

  5. You look fab and well done on the green tea icecream creation 🙂

    As for the shorts – Aussie rules anyone??

  6. What a cool idea – I might just have to try and make that icecream – as a lover of all things Japanese.

    Also your outfit rocks!

  7. haha!! how did I miss this post???
    You look awesome and green tea is my fave, have never had it in ice cream though. You guys look awesome

  8. I said you look awesome twice.

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