Progress Week #14

One of my aims for the year has been to shop more ethically.

To support artisans – local or international by buying less commercially produced stuff or to buy second-hand.

I think I’ve been doing okay on this. I enjoy a good op-shopping expedition as much as any other hoarder er, bargain hunter hippy.

Christchurch rather sadly has a lot of malls and while these are convenient for their nice toilets, all-weather shopping and, mostly, easy parking they are full of chains, chains and more chains. It’s not that chains are totally bad and there are some benefits to them but a trip to the mall can end up feeling a bit like a blow out at an all-you-can-eat buffet enjoyable at the time – rather regretful later.

Northlands mall though has always had the redeeming feature of TradeAid (one of my all-time favourite shopping destinations). Today with 2 cheques that desperately needed banking I made the mammoth effort of getting there – post earthquake not easy from my place. And I found to my delight a TradeAid sale and to my huge disappointment they are closing! The store in town is in the cordon so I have no idea about that.

My assumption is a store like TradeAid must find it very difficult to keep up with the demands of retailing in a mall – high overheads and opening hours. All the people who work in their stores are volunteers and their stuff is so reasonably priced. Very sad. I picked up the beautiful bedspread – handprinted, Queen sized $32.00 and the 100% silk scarf $10 and the super cute tray $5. Amazingly cheap but tinged with sadness. I do hope they set up somewhere else in a suburb or small shopping centre.


The tricky thing with Christchurch has always been the layout of the central city where the boutique and interesting shops are. Hopefully there will be some rectification of that with the new city….

Whilst in the mall I also popped into Whitcoulls and was very excited to find a Cath Kidston combo of books for $35. When I arrived at the counter to pay the assistant told me it was $10. I just about fainted.

The Atlas had also generously given me a voucher to finish off that he was given for the mall last year – so a totally worth the effort trip for very little outlay.

The Bedspread

On the shopping front I also picked up this tasty little tempter through the Kindy book club thing and I look forward to showing you something when I have stopped drooling long enough to cook with it.

I realise this post feels very little like progress but here’s something: I biked 10km on the weekend (5km each way) to help out with a wedding. Here I am working my new bike.

Have you entered my giveaway (are you feeling tired of the hints???)? You can enter more than once!

Pop over to Cate’s and see what others have been up to.

8 responses

  1. What fun. I wish I could have come too. Maybe next week!

  2. You look fab on your bike!

    I haven’t visited a trade-aid for a while, so am inspired to go and check it out.

  3. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    LOOK AT YOU on your bike!! One HOT MUMMA right there! SO BLIMIN COOL!! Love your trade aid finds too!! WOW i wish the trade aid was that cheap here!!!!!! x x x x

  4. Our Trade Aid shop is closing down too! Such a shame that they are obviously having huge difficulties, but what a great loss for us as well. I love your purchases there, I wonder if ours are having the same sale. Love the books you bought as well. I might also have to pop back to the sale they are still having. Goodness all this spending and I haven’t even left the house yet!!!

  5. It sounds like a neat place to have shopped at. I’m sorry that it has closed down. What a bunch of fun treasure you have acquired. It must have felt good to go for a bike ride this week. Keep it up. 🙂

  6. Hey – too true about the malls etc… we are missing the CBD and all its personality too. You did very well with your shopping finds!

  7. I love the vintage fabrics. 10k wow, that’s quite a trek. Good on you. Cute pic of you on the bike…LOVE the shoes. 😀

  8. oh I was drooling over that trade aid sale just one day prior to you it’s my fave shop too!! what a bargin with those books aye!
    love that.
    and you look SUPER CUTE on your bike 🙂

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