Make My Week #15 Stash Quilt

I finished the top of this quilt that I had up as a tutorial recently.

Usually I machine quilt the pieces together using free-motion stitching in big strips. Then I sew the back sections together by hand. (BTW I realise this pretty much makes no sense if you’re not a quilty type)

This is my first hand-quilted quilt. I quilted all the layers together by hand using embroidery thread.

Then I bound it.

One of the things that makes me most happy about this quilt is I made it ENTIRELY from stuff I already have. The back is calico I got from a throw-out of Deb’s fabric stash (via Kyleigh – thanks ladies!)

The top is a mix of vintage sheets I tend to purchase, fabric of my Nana’s, my Grandmothers and some other inherited bits. I’ve also used some fabric left over from other projects.

The batting inside the quilt is all offcuts from other projects. I finished off a couple of reels of thread during the stitching as well.

All serves to make me feel very good about making roads into the stash. Although I have realised I have to push through my ‘saving’ attitude to finish things up. I chatted with my sister one day and she was saying how happy she feels when she finishes something – like a stationery set, paints, etc. I am the opposite – which is why I always lose scrabble and have 3 blanks on my board at the end of the game!

Hence my challenge to myself to stop ‘saving things for later/best/when I really need them’ and get on with enjoying them and not accumulating too much.

I like the colours in this quilt.

I have what I call sewing fingers now though. My thumb and index finger feel sort of bruised from all the pushing the needle  in and out.

What have you been making? Dee will have made something cool at her place – no doubt!


13 responses

  1. Wow – that is a great quilt… loving the colours and IMPRESSED that it was all hand-sewn! I am not crafty at all, much to my Mothers dismay!!!!

  2. That quilt is just scrummy gorgeous I love it!
    ONE day I WILL make myself a quilt LOL

  3. Lovely work. You should be very proud.

  4. I like the colours on that too!

  5. WOWOWOW!!! hand quilted??? are you mad??!! haha

    like your mum said, you should be VERY proud. i love the vintage sheets in there…mmmm~


  6. I love love love love love this quilt. It’s Awesome.

  7. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    well done!! It’s beautiful!! x x x

  8. What are you going to do with it??

  9. Such a beautiful quilt! You’re very clever.

  10. Sooo pretty! and I am impressed that it’s done by hand! some day I intend to do the same, but who knows when! the fabrics all come together beautifully! Congrats!

  11. OUCH! Your poor fingers! But at least it was worth it, that quilt looks AMAZING… well done you!

  12. I’m awarding you a Kreativ Blogger Award (see Don’t feel obliged to pass it on, I just thought I’d share the love 🙂

  13. wow great work, love the colours, I remember doing a hand quilted one many years ago, don’t know If I have the energy any more, I too remember sore thumbs and fingers! 🙂 great blog too

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