More Than You Wanted to Know

In blog-land people create and give each other awards (there’s a lot of love out there people)

Today I got an award for Creative Blogging from the lovely and surprisingly smarty-pants qualified Juliet. So now I have to tell ya’all 10 things about me that may interest you/that you may not know.

Here they are in the order they came to me. (Keeping in mind it’s hard to think of thinks you might not know)

1. In my final year at high school I sat my performers certificate in Speech and Drama with Trinity College in London and I topped NZ and came 3rd in the world for my level. (which makes me a qualified Drama Queen!)

2. I’ve never been drunk but I have been out not drinking with friends and been told they wouldn’t serve me alcohol because I’d obviously had enough. (I’m also usually first up to dance without any drinks required!)

3. I have a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of teaching and I taught for 7 years before having my own babies.

4. If I could have a wish and it wasn’t for world peace or the end to hunger. I would like to know the whole Bible off by heart.

5. Jobs I have had have included – dairy worker, chemist shop worker, teacher, wedding photographer, marriage celebrant, actress, modelling (I was about 7), mother (does it count if I’m not paid?), clothing designer/maker, census enumerator, children’s party organiser…

6. Jobs I would like to have include – motivational speaker, author, acting, cooking show, artist (shame I have no skills), parent and child baking classes, a job where I could dress up in fancy clothes and stilettos for my uniform (I’m not sure what this job is but I think it would be fun), talk show host…

7. Until about 2 years ago I’d never put petrol in a car. (I’ve been driving since I was 16)

8. I don’t drink coffee at all, I don’t like it.

9. Talking is my favourite past time and I find it supremely difficult not to be the first volunteer in any group situation to read aloud, go up the front, try something….That’s right I’m trying NOT to put my hand up so someone else can have a turn. (I seldom succeed at this)

10. I do labour insanely fast and I have left a wake of traumatized people who have experienced me in labour – including The Atlas who goes pale whenever the topic comes up and the receptionist at Christchurch Maternity Hospital who told our midwife if I ever have another baby she doesn’t want to work there.

Okay so that’s some stuff about me you might not have known. Thanks Juliet for the award.

Why don’t you leave a comment and tell me something surprising about yourself.

7 responses

  1. Awesome information, where do I start.
    1) Well done at being a drama queen, quite a privilige. 2) I have never been drunk either, so good on you for enjoying the music instead. 3) Teaching is awesome, I am currently working towards getting a degree in teaching. 4) fancy clothes and stilettos for a uniform, well sadly my mind went the wrong way and I think the street is where you wear clothes like that ! 5) I have to agree with the coffee, disgusting stuff can’t even stand the smell. Give me Hot Choc any day. 6) I don’t do labour fast but I sadly can’t sit or lay down during labour so had both of mine crouched at the end of the bed. Midwife had to get down on all 4’s to deliver them!
    Have a great day

  2. aw! you sound so sweet and totally lik a very loud person! =) haha, i think you could easily become artist!

  3. Hey! Who are you calling a smarty-pants?!?

    Loved reading your facts, they brought a few big smiles to my face 🙂

  4. So great to get to know you a little better – I love random facts about people 🙂 Something surprising about me is that I can shuffle a pack of cards like a card shark or a casino dealer. It’s a good party trick but I’m a bit annoying to play cards with as I’d happily keep shuffling them all day and sometimes I forget to stop! 🙂

  5. Great wish, to know the Bible by heart – love it! Me, too! And the stiletto heels sent my mind into the gutter, too! Or maybe even a French maid in a fancy uniform? I LOVE coffee! I am getting better at not being shy and reserved – finally “letting my hair down” and just being myself. AND, I enjoyed your post!

  6. Firstly I must just say, dairy worker sounds like you were milking cows and I wonder if you shouldn’t issue an adendum to clear that one up incase it damages your image!! Next I didn’t think of hooker for stilletoes and fancy clothes, I thought that could tie in nicely with game show host. Well done on an impressive list. Something about me: I like touching my feet, rubbing my feet together or curling my toes under my feet on the carpet when I sit in a chair. I wonder if there might be 2 other girls in the family who feel the same way.

  7. Rebecca Ansley | Reply

    love it!! Very interesting!! x x x x x You’re so cooL!

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