Come on Down….

Thanks for all the ideas for handmade children’s gifts.

I got this awesome list of ideas:

Fabric covered notebooks

handmade bookmarks

felted soaps with hand knitted flannels

mosaic art

photo frame


birthday photo card




crayons melted into cool shapes

baby booties

sewing kit


doll clothes or quilt

dress ups

things using chalk cloth

fishing sets

crayon pencils or rolls

mini albums

reading/library bag

lunch bags

For each idea I put your name in the ‘hat’

And the winner is…..Elizabeth!!

Thanks so much to Widge, Lady Muck, Tartan Kiwi, Catherine, Rhiannon and Elizabeth for the awesome ideas. I hope to make some for ‘Make My Week’ in the next wee while. I will do another of these for grown-up gift ideas soon.

Watch your emails and think about whether you would like a personalised pencil-case, a child apron or an adult apron.


One response

  1. I would never have thought of even half of those things! Will be looking forward to seeing what you create 🙂

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